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Marie Curie Museum

Guests to Warsaw should take an afternoon to visit and explore the Marie Curie Museum on the ground floor of the Curie Pavilion, located just a few streets away from the shed where the lady herself and her husband Pierre discovered radium.

In the museum you will find Marie Curies letters, documents, personal things, furniture and photos. The museum is located at 16 Freta Street and remains in the care of Polish Chemical Society.

The idea of building the biographical Marie Skłodowska- Curie's museum had originated even before the Second World War. The Polish-French scientist was awarded the Nobel prize for chemistry two times. In 1967, privileged guests were allowed access to her personal chemistry lab, preserved as she left it.

Today, visitors can see an array of Marie Curie's possessions such as documentation from her scientific work, some of her instruments and even a black dress and nail file belonging to her.

Explore Old Town Warsaw
After a day exploring the Marie Curie Museum, guests can stroll around the Old Town and admire Warsaw's architecture, like the Royal Castle, built in the 15th century.

The castle was completely destroyed during a German air raid in WWII but has since been rebuilt using the remains and rubble left behind. Its clock tower leads the way into the Old Town and visitors can spend an afternoon in its museum- where they can see the works of many of Warsaw's famous painters like Bernardo Bellotto.

Visitors to Old Town Warsaw must not leave without a trip to the Church of St. Martin. Located on the longest street in the Old Town, it was founded in 1356 by the Duke of Mazovia and his wife Euphemia. The main body of the church adheres to a Baroque style, whilst the neighbouring monastery is a building of the Augustine priests.

Choose a hotel near the Old Town
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