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Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel, Warsaw

Warsaw Zoo

Warsaw Zoo is a scientific zoo on Ratuszowa Street in Poland's capital city. With around 600,000 visitors annually, the zoo is home to over 4,000 animals of 500 species.

Visitors can look forward to exhibits like the African elephants, which enjoy a 65,000 square foot enclosure with two outdoor pools, and an outdoor walk and is home to one male and three female elephants.

Nearby, is the Hippopotamus House which has been open since 2003, the indoor area has a large glass areas where visitors can see the hippos underwater and a shaded room for them to rest. The Shark Aquarium is also a must see. Its inhabitants enjoy a large salt water tank, which boasts the biggest tank in Poland and is home to the only sand tiger shark in the country.

Explore the history of Warsaw Zoo
Warsaw Zoo is an accredited member of both the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The original zoo was opened in 1926, before moving to a 10,000 square metre area on Maja Avenue in 1927. Construction of the zoo in Warsaw was fast, and before long and it opened to the public in 1928, home to many animal residents including lions, tigers and one female Indian elephant named Kasia.

Today, visitors can spend a day exploring the zoo and admire its inhabitants, before taking a stroll through neighboring park. Here, guests can relax with a picnic and soak up the beautiful surroundings overlooking fantastic Warsaw Old Town panorama.

Accommodation close to Warsaw Zoo
The Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel Warsaw places guests within proximity to Warsaw Zoo and to the park. A short drive from the hotel will take you straight to the zoo. Here at the hotel, guests can enjoy lavish facilitates such as 24 hour room service, or relaxing spa treatments to revive them after a day of walking around the zoo.