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Responsible Business

Taking responsibility for the environment and local community has been an important part of Rezidor's broader commitment to sustainable development for many years. Each hotel has had its own Responsible Business (RB) Team since 2001, which implements an annual RB action plan.

Radisson Hotel Group adheres to their Responsible Business practices in the following areas: 

  • Think Planet: Minimizing environmental footprint.
  • Think People: Prioritizing the health and safety of guests and employees.
  • Think Together: Respecting social and ethical issues in the company and community
The Radisson Blu Schwarzer Bock Hotel, Wiesbaden is "Green Key" certified. Green Key is an award for hotels which are particularly active in the areas of energy and water conservation, waste management, environmental protection and guest participation.

Our Responsible Business Actions include:

General activities:
  • Running a paperless office and reusing copier paper
  • Responsible Business training for hotel staff to optimize environmental and social consciousness
Yearly efforts:
  • Supporting the „Zwerg- Nase- Haus“
  • Project WIESPATEN: Financing remedial education for disadvantaged children and young people
  • Supporting “Zora”
  • Financing the children's newspaper "Kruschel" for a primary school class
  • Creating hotel's own herb garden
  • Employee participation in clothing donations