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Panorama Raclawicka

Panorama Raclawicka is an important cycloramic painting and one of the few preserved examples of 19th-century mass culture in Poland. Located in Wroclaw, the painting measures 15m by 114m and is one of the most important cultural attractions in the city.

Panorama Raclawicka is directly opposite of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Wroclaw. This hotel in Wroclaw offers elegant accommodation in the heart of the city, which is the largest in southern Poland.

About Panorama Raclawicka
Panorama Raclawicka was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Raclawicka of 1794. The idea for the patriotic painting came from the artist Jan Styka, but several artists, including celebrated Polish battle-painter Wojciech Kossak, also worked on the project.

The panorama took only nine months to complete and was first shown at the National Exhibition in Lviv in 1894. After World War II, the Panorama was brought to Wroclaw. Though suppressed under Soviet rule, the canvas was restored and exhibited in the 1980s and is now one of Wroclaw's biggest tourist attractions.

At Panorama Raclawicka, visitors can view a presentation devoted to the painting's historical context in the small rotunda. The main hall features multimedia displays that explain Panorama Raclawicka in more detail, including its artists, its conservation and details of other European panoramas.

Staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Wroclaw
Panorama Raclawicka is situated across the road from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Wroclaw. So guests staying at the hotel will be ideally situated less than a one minute walk from this major cultural attraction. Also near the Radisson Blu Hotel in Wroclaw, visitors will find leading Wroclaw restaurants, as well as historic sites like Wroclaw market square.