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Wroclaw Sightseeing Tours

Throughout its rich history, Wroclaw has fallen under the remit of countries such as Austria, Prussia and Germany, to name but a few. These periods in the city's history have all helped shape its unique culture and architecture, from its majestic Market Square to the over 130 bridges found in and around the city.

Explore the city with Wroclaw Sightseeing Tours and discover the story behind some of its most treasured buildings and landmarks. The daily tours depart from the heart of the Old Town, just a short walk away from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Wroclaw.

Discover Wroclaw on foot
For a comprehensive introduction to Wroclaw, take your pick from one of two fascinating tours. The Wroclaw City Walk is a guided walking tour which starts off in the city's beloved Market Square before taking in some of its most significant landmarks.

Along the way you'll visit Salt Square, where you can browse the 24 hour flower stalls, as well as the age-old buildings on Swidnicka Street and other prominent areas of the Old Town. There will also be stops at Wroclaw University, a stroll along the Piasek Island promenade and finally a visit to Cathedral Island, the oldest area of the city.

History, culture and architecture
If you prefer to take in more areas of the city, then consider the Wroclaw Grand Tour, which is split into two parts in order to cover as many points of interest as possible. The first part consists of a three hour walking tour featuring the Old Town and Cathedral Island, similar to the route taken on the City Walk.

The second section allows you to rest your legs as your guide drives you to Wroclaw's most visited attraction, the 120 meter long Battle of Raclawice painting - which depicts Polish troops defeating the Russians in 1794.

The tour continues through various historic districts before stopping at Centennial Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage listed building renowned for its striking architecture.

Both tours run on a daily basis, with the exception of a few public holidays. Departure times are normally between 10am and 4pm, although special arrangements can be made to suit individual requirements.

Wroclaw Sightseeing Tours also offer a sunset cruise and dinner along the River Odra, as well as an in-depth Jewish Heritage Tour.