Radisson Blu Hotel, Wroclaw

Wroclaw & Lower Silesia Guide

Experience everything Wroclaw has to offer with the help of Wroclaw Silesia & Guide. Our guide center offers tours and events in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia. The guide center is conveniently located inside the hotel.

All services are provided in Polish, English or German language.

Services offered to individuals and groups

  • Concierge
  • Car rental with driver
  • Pilot/driver/translator services

Events and tours offered to individuals and groups

  • Thematic events
  • Wroclaw for explorers
  • Valley of Palaces and Gardens
  • Secrets of World War II
  • Kreisau Circle
  • In the footsteps of monuments
  • Secrets of the Forests of Lower Silesia
  • Lower Silesian UNESCO sites
  • Wroclaw by Night, the trail of crime and lawlessness
  • Lower Silesia for explorers
  • Kitchen on Lower Silesia
  • Betonowa Granica (Concrete border)
  • Lessons of living history
  • Stone Hell Gross-Rosen
  • Ponds of Milicz
  • Historical elaborations


Email: wroclaw.silesia.guide@tlen.pl
Tel: 515 612 160