Radisson Blu Hotel,Yanbu

Responsible Business - Let's take responsibility!



  • A comprehensive program exists, together with a dedicated team, to monitor and manage waste.
  • All guest rooms, public areas and staff areas at the hotel are fitted with water restrictors systems to avoid waste.
  • All lighting areas are LED.
  • A dedicated green garden is located in hotel quarters to encourage tree planting and establish a greener environment.
  • The hotel arranges clean up campaigns.
  • The hotel celebrates Earth Hour on an annual basis with guests and staff.
  • The hotel retreats the gray water and use it for irrigation.
  • The hotel participates in “Just Drop” program, for every 250 bath towels reused, the hotel gives a child save drinking water for life. 

Social and community outreach

  • Staff members donate blood each year to the blood bank. 
  • The hotel hosts an annual orphan’s dinner party 
  • The hotel staff arranges an annual visit with lunch boxes to special need resident.
  • The hotel hosts an annual exhibition to support ladies home made products.

Health and safety

  • A comprehensive first aid training program is conducted yearly for selected staff members.
  • Comprehensive fire and life safety measures are reinforced through the dedicated FLS Team.
  • Food For Thought program is available in all day dine in restaurants, enabling guests to have a wide choice of healthy food items.
  • The hotel has earned the Comprehensive Safe Hotel - Executive Certification.

Staff involvement

  • All 100+ staff members have undergone the dedicated Living Responsible Business Program, which educates about the company's Corporate Social Responsibility Program, as well as how staff can contribute.
  • Ongoing refresher training through the On Job Skills Training Program targets waste management and energy conservation.
  • Continuous improvements encourage a greener living and working environment.
  • Staff members take part in the hotel's ongoing recycling program.
  • How guests can help
  • The Towel Replacement Program — should guests wish to reuse a towel, they simply place it on the rack, helping to reduce water consumption.
  • Guests can take part in the hotel's yearly blood donation program.