Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich Airport

Nearby Attractions

Just 10 minutes from the city center, the hotel stands close to top cultural and retail attractions. Stroll through the Old Town to discover regional history and striking buildings like the medieval Grossmunster Church. Created by the renowned 20th-century artist Paul Chagall, the famous stained-glass windows of Fraumünster Church are another must-see in this part of town. You can spend the day exploring Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world’s most exclusive shopping destinations, or browse any of the 80 shops at Zurich Airport.

Key attractions

  • Downtown Zurich – 11 km. Discover the beauty and many surprises in the city center, with a diverse food culture, high density of fun clubs and lots of family attractions. 
  • Bahnhofstrasse – 11 km. This world famous street in the heart of Zurich is traffic free, but is a great connection for public transport and offers a variety of excellent shopping choices.
  • Fraumünster Church – 12 km. An important city landmark with stunning stained glass windows, by Augusto Giacometti and frescos.
  • Grossmünster Church – 12 km. This Romanesque-style Protestant church with its twin towers is one of the most recognized landmarks in the city. 
  • Old Town – 12 km. Picturesque surroundings with the country’s highest concentration of clubs, famous shopping opportunities and a big variety of cultural happenings. 
  • Zurich Opera House – 13 km. Visit the charming opera house with a varied program featuring operas, ballets, popular plays, as well as renowned singers and performances for children. 
  • Zoo Zurich – 14 km. Take a day trip with the family to the animal kingdom of Zoo Zurich & Masoala Rainforest which houses more than 360 different animal species. 

Just a train ride away

  • Rhine River Valley – 17 km.
  • Black Forest Region in Germany – 62 km.
  • Basel – 85 km.
  • Berne – 122 km.
  • Geneva – 290 km.