Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Bergen

Visit Bergen Aquarium

One place you should visit when in Bergen is the city’s aquarium. Do not let the name fool you, as there is much more than fish residing within its walls. Far from the largest in the world, it is still worth a visit. See the large herring shoal, which has been thriving and swimming around for over ten years in their tank, other typical Nordic fish species, seals, penguins or sea lions. In addition to this, they have a section dedicated to tropical fish where more colourful species can be found. Visit the small marmoset monkeys, or the exciting collection of arachnids, snakes and reptiles.

Animal Training
The first thing you will see when entering the gates are the sea lions, seals and penguin enclosures. Make sure to visit during their feeding time, the seals and sea lions put on quite a show. With similar methods used for training dogs, they have been taught different tricks which they carry out to get an edible reward. This is fun to watch but is also important to increase the animal’s welfare, making them thrive at the aquarium.

It is not just the seals that are trained here, even Ivan, the small dwarf caiman can do a trick or two. One might not think of alligators as trainable. However, they have taught the small guy to push his nose against a target to get small treats. In the long term they hope that it will be something which makes it easier both on the keepers and the animal when they have to move him around.

Getting Rid of Children’s Dummy’s
The ide fish here are given dummies with krill as their favourite food. Assisted by one of the keepers, children can give their dummy to one of the fish as they flock to the surface, in return for a diploma to hang on the wall at home for giving it up. The ide fish swim around and suck on them in the same way as a child would – to great enthusiasm from onlooking kids.

Do More Than Watch
One thing that makes the aquarium exciting is the ability to get up close to the animals. Fish and animals that would be hard to get near in the wild can be experienced not only through sight but also through touch. Tubs with fish, sea urchins and starfish keep kids fascinated and occupied for hours. When in the tropical section you might also be lucky enough to pet a Burmese python – that is if you dare to do so.

Accommodation at Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Bergen places you just a few kilometres from the mini-zoo, where you can experience everything from fish and sea life to monkeys, snakes and lizards.