Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Bergen

The best fjord cruises

Bergen is the perfect starting point if you want to experience the stunning Norwegian fjords. A number of tourism operators offer everything from simple day excursions to trips over several days. Most people like to spend a few days living the city life and exploring the best attractions before heading further out to the fjords.

A round trip of Hardanger Fjord, perhaps Norway’s most famous, is highly recommended. The scenery is spellbinding, even to the most intrepid explorer. Sit comfortably in your chair and enjoy the panoramic views of the stunning scenery whilst views of majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls and idyllic orchards unfold in front of you.

Explore different tours
From Bergen, enjoy access to several of the smaller fjords, such as Nærøy Fjord, which is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Alternatively, visit Aurland Fjord. Both of these locations make up part of the famous Sogne Fjord, known as the narrowest, wildest and most dramatic in the world. To journey here is like entering a fairy tale adventure with snow-capped peaks, tranquil waterfalls and small farm dwellings perched on the cliff faces.

Many choose to book a cruise company that offers a variety of packages. However, it is also possible to reach these amazing Norwegian sites and mountains from Bergen on your own. By renting a yacht, for example, you can see these natural wonders at your own pace. Why not even take the chance to eat your fresh catch of the day straight from the water, on board as you sail?

Discover the waterfront cities
To make the most out of your vacation it is recommended to combine a fjord cruise with a city trip. How about taking a cruise from the harbor to Rosendal, in the Hardanger Fjord? The excursion takes about two hours one way, with the opportunity to spend three hours in the stunning valley exploring the village and visiting Barony Rosendal. This is the smallest palace in Scandinavia and contains a museum marking the historic union between Norway and Denmark. It is the only one if its kind in the country and one of Western Norway’s major attractions. One of the highlights includes the manor house, known for its magnificent landscaped park and rose garden, as well as the courtyard, which is often used for concerts, theatres and art exhibitions.

After an unforgettable experience, it is great to be able to retire to a comfortable hotel room at the family-friendly Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Bergen. This hotel is one of the city’s most prestigious and historic hotels and offers delicious restaurants and a private Hammam Spa.

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