Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Bergen

Museums and attractions

The University Museum of Bergen, known as Bergen Museum for short, is the place to start when on a journey to discover art and history in the city. There are also a number of other great galleries and attractions to capture your attention including the Hanseatic Museum, the Art Museum and the USF Culture House.

Explore past and present
Bergen Museum makes a great start for exploring the layered history of the city. Guests will find exhibitions bringing them full circle from Norway's prehistoric roots to the Middle Ages and beyond. Enjoy learning about the past by seeing how the Vikings cooked and hunted, as well as getting an understanding of the Stone Age at the archaeological sections of the building. The walls here are also home to collections from history and art around the world, so a trip will have you a little more informed about ancient Egypt, African, eastern and Asian culture.

As the city once formed part of the Hanseatic network of port cities, you can explore several well-preserved attractions from that period, which also often host small exhibitions. The area of Bryggen presents guests with both the Hanseatic Museum, hosted in an 18th-century trade house, and the Hanseatic Assembly Rooms from the same period. For a more modern flair, the city is also home to many cutting-edge art galleries and small, independent galleries show casing contemporary work. Check the Art Museum for the masters and contemporary works. Need a little more? The USF Culture House hosts both studios and exhibitions for contemporary artists, many coming from the area.

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