Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Bergen

Shopping in the city

From international flagship stores to boutiques off the beaten path, you can spend days shopping in Bergen. Find the best shops by staying right in the middle of the city’s liveliest districts and don’t miss a thing. Quaint boutiques in the area offer one-of-a-kind gifts and there is a great selection of malls featuring the biggest bargains in the city.

Bergen Storsenter and the best boutiques
Simply walking down the street in the middle of the city will reveal many fabulous deals on goods of all kinds. Find select items such as Norwegian knitted sweaters, embroidered pieces, souvenirs and perhaps some Aquavit to warm you up. If looking to focus your bargain-hunting abilities, it may be best to visit one of the city's malls. Visit the Gallery or the Klover house, both less than five minutes’ walk from the hotel, or take a stroll through the picturesque Byparken Gardens to the Bergen Storsenter shopping area.

The Storsenter has everything you could need under one roof. Browse through some of Norway’s brands and fill your closet and home with Scandinavian prints and designs. There are over 70 stores lined up to make your day easier and faster, leaving more time for exploring other parts of this wonderful water front city.

For a taste of something unique while shopping, go out and explore some of the smaller stores. Take a walk down Lille Ovregate or wander around the city's main square, Torgallmenningen, to pick up deals on handcrafted or traditional clothes, accessories or other goods. These are the best places to find special gifts and items to remember your time here.

After a hard day hitting the stores, you will be able to kick up your heels and enjoy a meal at one of our excellent restaurants or relax in our health and fitness club, which features rejuvenating spa facilities. To end your night, rest up in a comfortable bed at the Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Bergen.