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Hotels in Mauritius

Pristine beaches with sand so white it almost glows surround the tropical paradise of Mauritius. As a popular honeymoon and relaxation destination, there are plenty of romantic and tranquil places that will have you feeling brand new by the end of your visit. Check out the beautiful swimming spots, explore below the waterline while snorkeling or scuba diving and be sure to catch a sunset. Spend days breathing in the fresh ocean air on the beach or let Radisson Blu pamper you at their private beach. Come and discover the exotic wilderness on this fascinating island paradise.

Welcome to a tranquil haven in the Indian Ocean: Mauritius

Mauritius is an ideal year round destination with warm average air and sea temperatures. Popular with many newly wed couples, it is a desirable honeymoon destination. It is also attractive to couples and families who are seeking either a relaxing break or a more action-filled trip, as well as being a popular cruise port. Radisson Blu Resort is situated in Haute Rive in the north of the island, just 25km from the capital Port Louis and close to popular resort villages such as Grand Bay and Pereybère.

Beaches, activities and culture

A vacation on Mauritius is what you make it. If you are looking for a relaxing and tranquil break from the rest of the world, laze away your days at the spa and on the beach or swimming in pristine lagoons. If you prefer a cultural break, there are many places of interest to visit across the island from Creole houses, nature parks, botanical gardens, museums and religious monuments. If discovery and nature are more your thing, venture to the national parks or dive into the underwater paradise of corals and fish. For the ultimate adrenaline rush, try kiting, skydiving, hiking, climbing or zip lining. Mauritius really does have it all.

About Mauritius

Mauritius is a paradise made up of 350 kilometers of stunning coastline including the world’s third largest coral reef, 150 kilometers of pristine beaches, clear lagoons and the warm Indian Ocean lapping on its shores. On land, the beauty continues as you explore breath-taking nature, national parks and the island’s flora and fauna. There are over 700 plant species that are indigenous to this country alone. This African island enjoys a mild climate of between 20°C - 34°C with sea temperatures of 22°C - 27°C, making it the ideal destination with weather you can rely on. The island is relatively small, meaning you can easily explore and discover as much as you like. It is just 65 kilometers in length and 43 kilometers wide.The main languages spoken here are English, French and Mauritian Creole. The majority of people are bilingual.

A brief history

The island was believed to have been visited as early as the 10th century. The first Europeans, the Portuguese, were reported to have visited Mauritius in the 16th century, but no one settled there. In the 15th century, came the first settlers, the Dutch. The island’s name comes from the Dutch Prince Maurice of Nassau. With them, they brought sugar cane and Java deer to the island. After they left, the French settled here just 5 years later in 1715. It was during this time that the harbor of Port Louis was built, providing the island with a lifeline and trading port with other islands and passers by. Mauritius came under British occupancy in 1810, although most French settlers remained. It wasn’t until as recently as 1968 that the nation of Mauritius gained independence. Choose Mauritius and Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa for your next holiday destination and you are guaranteed the vacation of a lifetime filled with history, culture, amazing nature and a huge range of activities.

Pristine beaches and lagoons

Mauritius is a tropical paradise with clear lagoons, coral reefs and over 150 kilometers of pristine white sandy beaches. Beaches are the number one reason to visit this country and with good reason. It is one of the most stunning locations in the world, set in the Indian Ocean off the African coast. For the ultimate beach holiday choose Mauritius when you are looking to have a little time away from busy everyday life. You can choose to relax at the secluded private beach and lagoon of Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa or venture to one of the beautiful public beaches, most of which have a range of facilities surrounding them.

Grand Bay

Grand Bay, or Baie, as the name suggests is a sheltered bay along the north coast. This coastal village is a melting pot for tourists but it is also where a lot of the action takes place. Nearby to pristine beaches with sunbeds, parasols and the turquoise ocean, Grand Bay is a hive of activity with bustling restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. There are bars and clubs to suit all music tastes and a great diversity of places to eat out. It is also a popular shopping haven with bazaars, shopping malls and boulevards. If you get bored of relaxing on the beach there are plenty of watersports awaiting you, from swimming, scuba diving, sailing, water-skiing and deep-sea fishing. You can even join a solar sea walk where you can explore the magnificent underwater world of coral and tropical fish.

Another beach in the north west, La Cuvette Beach is located outside of Grand Bay. It tends to be more peaceful. Its beauty lies in the hidden beaches, rocky outcrops and cliffs, as well as the grassy areas and coastal trails.


Said to be one of the best swimming spots on the island, the idyllic cove of Pereybère lagoon is also situated in the north. Its smooth, pure sands, free of coral, are the main attraction. The sea is gentle here and the swimming area shallow, making it ideal for families. Sunbeds and parasols are available for hire. These are just some of a wonderful choice of beaches in the north of the island near Radisson Blu Resort. With over 350km of coastline, the Mauritius is full of beaches and lagoons to choose from. Don’t forget to schedule in an early morning rise or late night stroll to the beach to enjoy the natural wonder of sunrise or sunset, a sight you will never forget.

A blend of cultures

Discovered by the Dutch and later occupied by the French and British, Mauritius has a rich heritage that is evident across the island. A history that has shaped its culture. Add to this the Mauritian Creole culture and influences from the India and China from 19th century slavery and migrants and the island offers quite an eclectic mix which can be found in its religion, cuisine, literature and local traditions. The best way to get a taste for every day life is to venture to the Port Louis.

Discover the capital: Port Louis

A good place to start learning about a country is in the capital city. Port Louis, named by French settlers in the 18th century, is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city situated on the North West coast. This compact capital with a blend of cultural influences including India, Africa, China and Europe. Once of the city highlights is 3Caudan Waterfront, a bustling area filled with shops, restaurants and cafés. Make sure you drop by the Artists corner, an onsite craft market where you can experience and purchase traditional handcrafted goods. Wander the streets and alleyways to see some well preserved colonial architecture and houses. The rich and diverse culture is evident here with the presence of churches, temples and mosques.

Shopping, cafes and dining

The bustling Port Louis Bazaar is a popular market selling fresh fruit and veg, fish, meat, spices and traditional wooden souvenirs, textiles and jewelry. To grab yourself a bargain be prepared to haggle on the price. Shopping malls sell branded fashion labels and smaller boutiques sell locally produced clothing. Crafts, Chinese herbs and products, jewelry, and locally created items are also on sale here. The city also has its own craft market, which has a vivid display of handcrafted products. Grand Bay, one of the island’s first resorts, is a shopper’s paradise and indeed the best in the country. Located by the sea, the resort is made up of malls, a boulevard shopping complex, quaint boutiques and a bazaar so you can purchase everything from favorite fashion brands to handmade textiles and souvenirs. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants in both Port Louis and Grand Bay as well as other areas in the north of the island near Radisson Blu Resort. You can expect a vibrant selection of cuisines from India, China, France, Africa and Creole to name a few, as well as restaurants offer a beautiful selection of locally grown fruit and vegetables, freshly caught fish and farmed meats.

Museums and attractions

The diverse Mauritian culture is evident in its religious monuments. Here you will find a Catholic Church, Hindu Temple and Mosque. Sir Seewoosagur Botanic Garden is a tropical oasis over 300 years old. The gardens are made up of over 650 plant varieties including indigenous species and over 65 species of palm trees. When the French settled in Mauritius in the 18th century and sugar production started to prosper a fortress was built to protect the island. The Balaclava Ruins are worth visiting and the original sea walls are still well preserved. Visit the Sugar Museum and Factory and learn about the lifeline and vital export to this island. To gain a better insight into the country’s diverse history visit Blue Penny Museum. Although most people are attracted to Mauritius for its pristine sandy beaches and resorts, it is worth taking time out to discover how this island was shaped over time and how it influences life today.

An island of adventure

Explore from Radisson Blu Resort and discover national parks, hidden caves, gorges, a volcano, and an endless list of activities and watersports. Although most travel to Mauritius for its pristine beaches, white sands and turquoise waters, there is much more to this destination than meets the eye.

From National Parks to volcanos and caves

National Parks provide a glimpse of the island’s incredible natural beauty. At Bras D’eau National Park and visitor center in the north walk along trails amidst mango and litchi trees whilst looking out for species such as birds and wild boar, monkeys and flycatchers. Venture south to Black River Gorges National Park for a hiking adventure through indigenous forest and hills which will take you past cascading waterfalls and panoramic vistas. The island’s landscape is defined by its volcanic origin creating mountains, waterfalls and cliffs. Visit a dormant volcano in the central plateau at Trou aux Cerfs. This popular natural attraction offers more panoramic vistas. Back in the north, another wonder of nature awaits you. La Cave Madame at Roches Noires is an impressive complex of caves resulting from a volcanic eruption where evidence of settlers has been found in the past.

Relax and rejuvenate

If it is a relaxing vacation you are looking for then resorts and villages have everything you need for a peaceful break. Laza away your days on pristine beaches with your favorite book, indulge in spa and wellness packages, or sample local cuisine at restaurants. If you fancy a spot of sightseeing, book a tour and discover the island. If you want to crank it up a bit, opt for a romantic candlelit dinner or sunset cruise, sailing on a catamaran, swimming with dolphins or even a helicopter trip.

An action packed vacation

If you are not the type to idle on the beach or want a mixed experience, Mauritius is a paradise for adventure seekers. You can choose from a huge variety of watersports from scuba diving, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, kiting, swimming, sailing, glass-bottom boat trips; the list goes on. On dry land, discover the island by hiking, climbing, cycling or horse riding. An action packed tropical paradise awaits you.