Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Sandton Johannesburg

Wanderers Stadium

South Africa is a nation of avid sports fans, with one of the most popular sports being cricket. The Wanderers Stadium is the heart of the city's cricket culture and serves as the venue for a number of high-profile international matches.

Visitors to Wanderers Stadium can take their pick of cricket events, from a one day game to a full test series. The 34,000-seat stadium was built in 1956 and is home to the local Highveld Lions. A number of improvements have been made to the stadium since its construction, including the installation of 65-meter-high floodlights to allow for matches during the evening. The austere design and intimidating atmosphere of Wanderers Stadium has earned it the nickname 'The Bullring'.

A trip through South Africa's cricketing history

Visitors to the stadium can walk in the footsteps of cricket champions from famous tournaments and matches, including the 2003 Cricket World Cup final and a record-breaking, one-day international between South Africa and Australia. The stadium was also home to rugby test matches during renovations of Ellis Park.

To experience a world-class cricket match topped with genuine South African food culture, stop by the public areas near the Western Pavilion. Here you’ll get a chance to try Braai – the South African equivalent of a BBQ or grilled meat. You can even purchase meat from a nearby butcher to try braai for yourself.

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