Woman doing yoga

IN-ROOM 20:20:20

A wellness regime for body and mind.

Looking for an optimal solution to look and feel good, all in the privacy of your guestroom? Try Radisson Blu’s In-Room 20:20:20 wellness program at one of our five pilot hotel locations. This wellness regime combines 20 minutes of physical workout, 20 minutes of mindfulness practice and 20 minutes of self-treatment. Whatever your fitness level, energy level or state-of-mind, In-Room 20:20:20 can wake you up or wind you down.

Pilot locations including:

Guests can take part in this unique program by simply ordering an In-Room 20:20:20 kit via One Touch on the guest room phone. The kit will consist of: a yoga mat, complimentary elastic workout band, self-treatment kit (fee dependent on location), and extra towels.

Be sure to take part in Radisson Blu’s In-Room 20:20:20 now as the pilot period is limited!