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Discover Latvia

Latvia is full of history and beautiful landscapes, so it’s hard to choose which places to visit. With Discover Latvia, you can see the best of the area with experienced and friendly guides who can help you choose which activities and attractions will give you the full Latvian experience.

Tours offered include

  • Tour in Riga – Riga’s historic city center is a must-see for anyone visiting Latvia. Tour some of the city’s most interesting historic sites, including places of special interest to foodies.
  • Winter Tours – Discover the winter wonderland of Latvia’s backcountry on one of Discover Latvia’s special snow tours by snowmobile, horse sleigh, snowshoe, dogsled or cross country skiing.
  • Nature and Active Recreation Tours – Latvia’s Baltic coast features a rich array of wildlife and natural splendor. Discover Latvia offers birdwatching tours, hiking, cycling and other types of outdoor tours.
  • Airport Transfers – Staying outside Riga? Travel to other cities from Riga’s airport, or get to Tallinn and Vilnius in comfort with an airport transfer service.
Didn’t find the tour you were looking for? Be sure to ask about custom tours! For all tours, advanced booking is preferred, though same-day requests can usually be accommodated. To find out more, visit Discover Latvia or email sales@discover-latvia.lv.