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St. Peter’s Church Tower

130 meters over Riga towers the St. Peter’s Church Tower, the tallest church in the Latvian capital, offering you stunning views of the red roofs of the Old Town, Riga Bay and the Daugava River. Take the elevator to the top of the spire to experience city views you won’t find anywhere else in town, or enjoy one of many cultural happenings found within the church walls.

Taking in the view

When you make your way to St. Peter’s Church you are entering a historical site, as the first mentions of the church date back to 1209. Today, not much remains of the original construction and the tower was completed at the end of the 15th century but has been rebuilt several times since then, due to fires, lightning strikes and destruction in World War II. Today, it stands tall as one of many historical sites in the Old Town of Riga, consisting of several viewing galleries. The second gallery, at a height of 72 meters, is the one that is used to offer you views of the city. The tower is accessible within the St. Peter’s Church opening hours, with an elevator ensuring easy access to the spire.

A historical church

In addition to spectacular views, history lovers will find the St. Peter’s Church a treasure. Inside you can marvel at the Blue Guard Chapel, the wooden altar and renovated stone and wooden epitaphs. Walking these historical halls also offers you an insight into the architecture of forgotten times. There are viewing galleries with special installations that tell the story of the church, from its first days more than 900 years ago and until today.

Get a refill of culture in Riga

St. Peter’s Church also hosts a variety of cultural happenings, ranging from monthly art exhibitions to musical concerts. You can enjoy photography exhibitions by Latvian photographers, catch concerts with local amateur groups or popular bands, and more at this exciting sight.

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