Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel, Riga

ESPA Finishing Touches

ESPA Finishing Touches

Luxury hand treatment (50 minutes)

Your hands and nails should look and feel as good as you do, so try our Luxury Hand Treatment, which includes a relaxing arm, hand and nail treatment with a gentle skin refiner and a therapeutic massage using aromatherapy essential oils. Your hands and nails are then wrapped in warm paraffin wax to nourish, soften and condition.

Luxury foot treatment (50 minutes)

Get your feet looking their best with the Luxury Foot Treatment, which includes a soothing foot, leg and nail treatment with a gentle exfoliation and a relaxing massage using essential oils. Your feet are then wrapped in warm paraffin wax to soften, nourish and condition.

Manicure and pedicure treatments

  • Classic manicure without nail polish
  • Classic manicure with nail polish
  • Classic pedicure
  • Classic pedicure with nail polish
  • Gel nail
  • Gel nail correction
  • Gelish manicure
  • Gelish overlay
  • Gelish pedicure
  • Gelish removal
  • Nail polishing