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The Cathedral Basilica in Vilnius

The Cathedral Basilica, in the Old Town district of Vilnius, is the most important sanctuary and the main Roman Catholic Church in Lithuania. This beautiful landmark is just ten minutes’ walk from the Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, and a visit to the Cathedral Basilica is a must for anyone staying in Vilnius.

The original temple dates back to between the 13th or 15th century. Over the years, Lithuanian rulers have been crowned and bishops have been buried at the Cathedral Basilica. The current cathedral was constructed in the late 18th century and is an excellent example of the neo-classical architectural style. It houses more than 40 stunning art works too, including paintings and the oldest fresco in Lithuania, which is thought to date from the 14th century. Today, Holy Mass celebrated in Cathedral Basilica marks the high point of many national and religious feasts.

Get a taste of local Vilnius life

Vilnius Cathedral Basilica is situated on the edge of the bustling Cathedral Square, the venue for many local events. Fairs, parades, concerts and seasonal events all take place in Cathedral Square, in the shadow of the stunning Cathedral Basilica. The square is the perfect place to go if you want to get a taste of Lithuanian life.

You can also experience a little Lithuanian folklore at the Cathedral Basilica. Stand on the ‘magic tile’ in front of the cathedral’s 57m tall belfry, close your eyes and turn around three times while making a wish. According to locals, it’s sure to come true.