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Christmas Market Dusseldorf

There is nothing quite like spending a crisp winter's evening at a Dusseldorf Christmas Market picking up artisan-crafted trinkets from stalls strewn with fairy-lights, sipping mulled wine or warm sparkling cider, skating under the stars on an open-air ice rink and eating warm pretzels or gingerbread.

Unlike other towns which have a large Christmas Market in just one square, Dusseldorf has more than six charming markets spread across the city centre, leaving the whole city brimming with goodwill and festive cheer.

Getting to the Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf
As Dusseldorf's Christmas Market is spread throughout the city rather than in one central market square or street, it's easy to get into the Christmas spirit wherever visitors happen to be based. The Radisson Blu Media Harbour Hotel, Dusseldorf is no more than 30 minutes walking from most Dusseldorf Christmas Markets and the best Dusseldorf shopping.

A guide to Dusseldorf's Christmas Markets:

  • The Christmas Market at Konigsallee is one of Dusseldorf's most enchanting. With fairy lights sparkling between the boughs of the chestnut trees lining the avenue and artisan stalls on both sides of the mile-long walkway, visitors are sure to find plenty of Christmas presents to take home to loved ones.
  • The Christmas Market at the Schadowstrasse is dedicated to the finest artisan craftwork, with the finest trinkets and painted houses, as well as a carver of nativity statues who comes all the way from Bethlehem each and every year.
  • The Angel Market or 'Engelchenmarkt' is located at Heinrich-Heine-Platz in Dusseldorf's Old Town selling arts and crafts and some beautiful angel-shaped carvings and light-displays.
  • The Little Star Market or 'Sternchenmarkt' can be found on the 'Stadtbrueckchen' - the little city bridge. Each hut operator will have painted their roof blue and covered it with fairy lights to give the impression of a sea of stars.
  • The Flinger Strasse is another mile long shopping street which stretches through Dusseldorf's Old Town with a large nativity window and a pyramid of mulled wine.
  • The Christmas Market at the Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz is celebrated for having a large open air ice rink.