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Step back in time at the Old Town

Dusseldorf's Old Town, or Altstadt, may seem the epitome of old world charm with its cobbled streets, ornate gas lamps and elegant cafes complete with pastel-striped awnings. However, much of the district is more modern than it seems. The city was bombed heavily in World War II and had to be carefully rebuilt in the following years.

What it may lack in authenticity, this historical space more than makes up for in charm and in the warmth of its hospitality. Nicknamed 'the longest bar in the world' this part of the city is lined with more than 260 clubs, bars and ale houses, making it popular with visitors and locals alike.

Top attractions in the historical streets
When looking for something to see check out The Burgplatz. It is a square that is home to the ruins and the remaining tower of the castle of the Earl of Berg. The Burgplatz is one of the most popular meeting points in the Old Town. Here visitors will find the City Monument, a sculpture with emblems and stories depicting old and modern Dusseldorf. There are also plenty of cafes, bars and eateries, which serve traditional German treats including pretzels.

You can also head to the ale houses. They are always a hit as Dusseldorf is famous for brewing its own dark beer. This liquid gold is known to locals as 'Altbier' and there is no better place to have a sip than in one of the traditional beer halls. For a sweeter tipple, try 'Killepitsch' instead, a local spiced-berry liqueur.

When looking for a little shopping head to The Konigsallee. This is the city’s exclusive mile-long shopping avenue and luxury shopping district. The Konigsallee  begins in the Old Town making it a perfect way to end the day.

Dusseldorf's Old Town is just a leisurely 30 minutes' walk along the Rhine promenade from the stylish Radisson Blu Media Harbour Hotel, Dusseldorf. The route is well serviced by trams so visitors can make their way there in less than 15 minutes or even quicker by taxi.