Radisson Blu Media Harbour Hotel, Düsseldorf

The Rhine Tower

Located a short 10-minute stroll from our hotel the Rheinturm, known as the Rhine Tower, is one of Düsseldorf's most recognizable landmarks and is worth visiting for its outstanding panoramic views of the city's skyline. Standing 240.5 meters high, the Rhine Tower is the tallest building in Düsseldorf. Come and check out the view and book a fancy meal with your traveling companions.

Experience and eat with fantastic views

First opened in 1981, the tower serves as both a telecommunications spire and a tourist attraction with an observation deck and restaurant at 172.5 meters. From here you can view the stunning city, the winding Rhine river and well beyond, into the beautiful countryside. The renowned Günnewig Restaurant Top 180 revolves once an hour to give you the opportunity to witness an ever-changing view of Düsseldorf as a backdrop to the delicious menu and wine list. For an afternoon coffee or evening cocktails with a stunning view, head a few meters down to the Gunnewig Bar and Lounge. It’s always a treat to have a drink or meal while feeling on top of the world, so don’t miss this attraction.

To give the tower a new face, architect Horst Baumann has added to the Rhine Tower's fame by transforming it into the world's largest digital clock. It now has an engaging series of projections which are used to display the time on its pillar via the use of circle lights. The hours, minutes and seconds are divided by red vertical lines and show 24-hour time. Test and see if you can find out how it works.

Around the tower

The tower, a breathtaking architectural structure itself, is located on the edge of Media Harbor, home to a beautiful cosmopolitan landscape that blends the old and new. After a morning of exploring, head up the city’s lively riverside esplanade, Rheinuferpromenade, towards the old town. It’s the perfect place to continue your afternoon and evening at one its many bars and restaurants.