Radisson Blu Media Harbour Hotel, Düsseldorf

Rhine Tower

The Rhine Tower is one of Dusseldorf's most recognisable features and offers outstanding panoramic views of the city's skyline. Standing 240.5 metres high, the Rhine Tower is the tallest building in the city and a popular attraction for tourists to visit during their holiday.

Tourists wishing to enjoy the views from the Rhine Tower can stay in a hotel at Media Harbour in Dusseldorf. The Radisson Blu Media Harbour Hotel offers guests a stunningly designed place to stay in central Dusseldorf close to the Old Town area of the city and town hall.

Things to do at the Rhine Tower
The Rhine Tower in Dusseldorf was first opened in 1981 and serves as both a telecommunications spire and a tourist attraction.

Visitors to Dusseldorf can climb the Rhine Tower to enjoy its outstanding views of the city from its 174.5 metre high observation platform. From there you can view the stunning harbour and town centre area alongside the Court Gardens and surrounding Rhenish countryside.

The Rhine Tower also has its own renowned restaurant, which revolves once an hour to give its 180 diners an ever-changing view of Dusseldorf. Slightly above the restaurant is the Gunnewig Bar and Lounge, which serves coffees and cocktails at the highest point in Germany.

Architect Horst Baumann has added to the Rhine Tower's fame by transforming it into the world's largest digital clock, with an engaging series of projections which are used to display the time on its pillar.

Booking a hotel in Dusseldorf
Guests of the Radisson Blu Media Harbour Hotel can easily reach the Rhine Tower and other attractions such as Konigsallee in Dusseldorf during their holiday. After a day spent exploring the sights of Dusseldorf, tourists can relax in the hotel's Amano Italian restaurant or in their Matteo Thun designed room.