Radisson Blu Media Harbour Hotel, Düsseldorf

Shopping the Ko Galerie

The well-heeled and fashionable will find themselves at home in Dussledorf. This cosmopolitan city has many shopping districts worth visiting. Check out the Konigsallee Boulevard, the exclusive style mile, and the Ko Galerie, a shopping mall full of luxury outlets and designer stores. Get ready to spend, as you wander these incredible stores and find all you are looking for.

Where to shop and must-stop-spots

  • Konigsallee - The Konigsallee, known locally as the 'Ko', is one of the most exclusive shopping areas in Germany, known for its luxury boutiques and designer-wear. This boulevard is the definition of style and elegance and is worth the walk.
  • Ko Galerie - A shopping mall just off the famous 'Ko', this is the place to shop when looking to pick up designer labels and to "see and be seen". Pick your style and show it off at the quaint cafes inside.
  • Carlsplatz – A former farmers market and now a popular place for locals and tourists looking for gourmet produce.
  • Schadowstasse - One of Germany's busiest shopping streets, Schadowstrasse, is the go-to place for a mix of high-street outlets and affordable stores for every taste. When feeling hungry, this street has plenty of eateries to satisfy your cravings.
  • Altstadt – or the Old Town, which contains many independent boutiques and stores stocking designer-wear and alternative fashions. Here you can discover the history of the city while enjoying a fashionable day out.
Set in the cosmopolitan Media Center, the Radisson Blu Media Harbour Hotel, Dusseldorf is just a 30 minute stroll from the Ko Galerie and the Konigsallee. Heading to the Old Town? It will only take you a few minutes along the river. This hotel is perfect for stylish travelers looking to go shopping when in Dusseldorf.