Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn


Explore Estonia from this hotel's location in Tallinn city center

Near the thriving business district, this hotel's location in Tallinn city center affords easy access to transport options. Only 3 kilometers from Lennart Meri Airport, the Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia sits near Tallinn's busy harbor. The main bus station is also nearby, making it easy to plan sightseeing outings, including a day trip to Riga. Adventure lovers may want to add Aegna Island to their itinerary. The island offers opportunities for kayaking, hiking and exploring the picturesque beaches.

About Estonia
Situated with Latvia to the south, Russia to the east and the Baltic Sea to the north and west, Estonia is the northernmost of the 3 Baltic countries Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Finland lies only 80 kilometers away, across the Gulf of Finland.

Transport in Tallinn
Guests can easily traverse Tallinn and all of the Baltic region, thanks to the hotel's convenient proximity to the International Airport, Tallinn's seaport and the city's main bus station. Board a tram or trolley near the hotel for sightseeing in Estonia's capital city.