Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn

Toompea Hill

Crowning the spectacular Old Town of Tallinn is Toompea Hill, one of Estonia's most attractive and fascinating areas. With a breathtaking range of architectural gems and sites of historical significance, the hill is truly a must-see area for visitors to the city.

Toompea Hill is at the heart of Tallinn's stunning Old Town. Both of these amazing locations can be found just a short distance away from the first-rate accommodation available at the Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn.

The birthplace of a city
In a city full of historically significant sites, Toompea Hill is a particularly important spot. The area is known as the birthplace of Tallinn, as it was on Toompea Hill that the Knights of the Sword built a fortress in 1229, establishing the roots of the city.

These days visitors can explore the rich history in the area at many sites on Toompea Hill. Medieval buildings like the 6-story tower Kiek in de Kök and the grand Toompea Castle are tangible reminders of a glorious past, while the Kohtuosta and Patkuli viewing platforms offer dramatic panoramic views of the ancient city of Tallinn.

Enjoy a stay in Tallinn
Toompea Hill is like a jewel in the crown of the Estonian capital, holding many of Tallinn's most alluring sights. The Old Town and Toompea Hill are 2 of the main reasons that Tallinn is widely considered one of the most interesting cities in Europe.

Guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn can enjoy both of these sites during their stay. This Tallinn hotel offers premiere amenities and breathtaking views of the sea. The excellent hotel has an ideal location, which puts visitors within easy reach of Toompea Hill and the fantastic attractions found there.