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Stavelot Abbey

Stavelot Abbey, originally known as St Remacle Abbey, has been through several turbulent historical periods. Despite being mostly destroyed during the French Revolution when the region was still part of France, it has now been largely re-built and renovated. The renovation project began in 1999 and was completed in 2002 with finance provided by the local Walloon region.

Today, this ancient site houses the Museum of the Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy, the Spa-Francorchamps Racetrack Museum and the Guillaume Apollinaire Museum. Visitors to the region can reach Stavelot from the Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, Spa in less than 20 minutes. The hotel in the Spa Francorchamps region is the ideal base for a holiday in the Ardennes Mountains.

The history of Stavelot
The founding of the Abbey in around 650 encouraged the growth of the town of Stavelot. In these early times Stavelot was part of an independent region of the Holy Roman Empire and ruled by the abbots. This state of affairs lasted until 1795 when the principality was dissolved by the revolutionaries. Stavelot then entered a period of instability. It was in turn part of France then the Netherlands until finally in 1830 it became part of Belgium.

Today tourists can visit the museums on the grounds of the original abbey and even see the archaeological remains of the 11th century building now uncovered for all to see. The wing of the abbey destroyed in the French Revolution has been rebuilt in glass and steel, a modern shadow of its former shape.

Accommodation near Stavelot
The Radisson Blu palace Hotel, Spa is a convenient base for a holiday or business trip in the region. With rooms by Belgian stylist Nicolas Lecompte, this hotel has been designed to relax guests right down to the last detail. Spa is of course the natural place to stay for those looking for spa accommodation in Belgium.