Radisson Blu Park Hotel, Oslo

Engineerium: fun for all the family

Engineerium is an interactive adventure and science center, which delves into the oil and gas story that has shaped Norway. In specific, it looks into the workings of Aker, one of the country’s largest oil and gas companies. The exhibition is spread across 37 interactive installations and is an exciting learning experience for kids of all ages. Don’t worry as there is also plenty to keep adults intrigued too. Engineerium is open Sunday to Thursday but is closed on Fridays and Saturdays. If you are looking for something a bit different to do for your next company teambuilding event, this is also a great place to bring together colleagues.

Living knowledge

Engineerium creates a living museum through its many installations. The value of oil is nothing new, but do you know how many iPhones you can buy for the value of six oil drums? Or how to find new oil fields? These are just some of the questions that will be answered in an interactive and fun way. The exhibition deals with the inherent values of the industry and how they are managed, the future of the industry and the creativity and innovation that takes place every single day.

Try it for yourself

Aker Solutions is the company behind Engineerium so the museum also gives an insight into how this company solves many of the challenges that exist in the oil and gas industry. In the EnergyLab, you can try a number of installations and experiments for yourself. Each one is a challenge to create as much energy as possible. You can control an aircraft using solar energy, drill for oil and gas with a simulator and even explore how much energy is in your own body. The many different forms of energy are vital and offer exciting challenges. If it is a teambuilding event you are looking for, Engineerium offers exciting activities that will be sure to bring out the challenging nature of employees and promises to raise team spirits.

This energy adventure is just a short walk from Radisson Blu Park Hotel, next to Fornebu business district, on the edge of Oslo. It offers a quiet and comfortable setting, just a short drive from the heart of Norway’s capital.