Parks and Green Spaces

As much as cities tend to be defined by their distinctive architecture, parks and green spaces are an equally important part of the urban scene. These verdant oases provide a welcome escape from the hectic pace of metropolitan life, and allow visitors and locals alike to enjoy the calming and rejuvenating effects of nature, right on their doorstep.

From joggers and cyclists scooting along the pathways, to families enjoying a picnic and office workers soaking up some sun on their lunch break, a city's gardens and parks are brilliant spots to people watch and get a feel for a city. Many are also tourist attractions in their own right, whether because of their age, history or a connection to a significant event or person, or because they're home to rare species of plants and wildlife.

Whether your interests lie in horticulture, landscape design, public artwork or cultural events, there's sure to be a park nearby full of engaging discoveries. Every bit of green space has its own story, and visiting a city's parks can give you great insight into the life of a community. If nothing else, a quiet garden or spacious park is a beautiful place to take a break from sightseeing, relaxing and enjoying the view as you prepare to explore even more of each intriguing destination.

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