Brussels Parks and Green Spaces

Brussels takes pride in its status as the greenest capital city in Europe, with over 28 square metres of green space per resident. It even has an app dedicated to helping visitors and locals alike find their nearest park or garden, as well as walking tours that help visitors appreciate these valued patches of greenery.

Whether you're interested in history, sports, kids' activities or relaxation, there's sure to be a park nearby that will suit your needs. Set off from one of our Radisson Blu Hotels in central Brussels and get ready to explore these fantastic green spaces.

Take a break from sightseeing
Brussels has made a point of including plenty of green space in its town planning, so there's always a peaceful green corner to relax and take a break from your sightseeing itinerary. For instance, stroll the symmetrical pathways of Brussels Park and admire the elegant fountains and statues as you make your way from the Royal Palace to the Rue de la Loi, or explore the Art Deco-inspired gardens attached to the Van Buuren Museum.

The English-style Leopold Park, situated at the heart of the European Quarter, is a wonderful place to relax beside the lake before visiting the Museum of Natural Sciences. Or pause to appreciate the striking views in the Parc Elisabeth, which runs all the way from the Jardin Botanique to the impressive Basilique de Koekelberg.

Green spaces for kids
Young visitors will no doubt be intrigued by the Jardin du Mont des Arts, a hanging garden built on a concrete slab perched over an underground car park, and will certainly enjoy the ponds, fountains and play area. The Parc Marie-José and the Parc de la Porte de Hal both offer plenty of space for children to run about near the city centre, as well as sports facilities and themed play areas.

The Bois de la Cambre is the largest city park in the world, and with its extensive network of trails, it's a refreshing escape from the city. On weekends certain parts of its pathways are closed to cars, which makes it an excellent place to walk, cycle or roller-skate with children.

Gardens for soaking up nature
Enjoy a peaceful stroll through the Jardin du Roi, which brings you to the shores of the ponds at Ixelles, where you can admire the ancient willow, maple and horse chestnut trees and keep an eye out for the numerous aquatic bird species that live here. Or pay a visit to the extensive Parc de Woluwé to appreciate its diverse landscapes and 180 species of trees, including the rare giant redwood.

Meanwhile, the Jardin Botanique at Meise is a must-visit for those interested in horticulture, with over 18,000 types of plants from around the world housed in 92 hectares of gardens and impressive glass greenhouses known as the Plant Palace.

Parks for history lovers
The spacious Parc Josaphat is centred on an 18th century estate, but also incorporates land that was compulsorily purchased from almost 200 individual owners – a few of their homes still exist on the property today.

The vast Parc of the Cinquantenaire will appeal to visitors who love history and culture, with its graceful trees and flower beds arranged in classical style – not to mention the fact that it's ringed by museums covering history, art, the military and aviation.

Meanwhile, the lovely Petit Sablon Square – a former horse market – is a charming garden full of flowers, fountains and statues representing the various trade guilds that prospered in medieval Brussels.