Copenhagen Parks and Green Spaces

Copenhagen is a city which takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, so much so, in fact, that its pioneering green policies have earned it the prestigious title of European Green Capital 2014. One of its key aims for 2015 is to ensure that every resident in the city is able to reach a park or beach on foot in less than 15 minutes, regardless of their location. Fortunately, the Danish capital is blessed with a vast array of stunning parks and green spaces, many of which are within easy reach of our Radisson Blu hotels in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen's must-see parks and green spaces
Few parks in the city can match the Tivoli Gardens for popularity, as it just so happens to be one of the biggest attractions in town. As well as being a thoroughly impressive green space, it also doubles up as a huge outdoor amusement park packed with thrilling rides, arcades and a host of live music and theatre performances.

If you're partial to a bit of history, head along to the stunning 17th century Rosenborg Castle Gardens in central Copenhagen. As the name suggests, the city's oldest park is home to a castle which was once the home of King Christian IV. Alternatively, unwind in the tranquil surroundings of The Garden of the Royal Library near Christianborg Palace. A small pool forms the centrepiece of this delightful garden, with water shooting out from its fountain once every hour.

The wonderfully secluded Amalie Garden is located on the waterfront, with thick hedges and quaint brick walls dividing it into several long green corridors. It's the perfect place to relax after a day of sightseeing.

Immerse yourself in the city's history
Chances are your Copenhagen to-do list includes a visit to the Little Mermaid statue, in which case Churchillparken makes for a good pit-stop as you make your way down the Esplanade. It received its name in 1965 in recognition of the support Denmark received from British troops and their Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, during World War II. Another major attraction within the city is the hippy commune known as Freetown Christiania, located in the Christianshavn district. Here you'll find a large green space known as Christianhavns Vold, which once formed part of a defensive wall which surrounded Copenhagen. Today it's an area of natural beauty which is enjoyed by visitors and residents of both Christiania and wider Copenhagen.

Entertain the kids in the city's green spaces
Looking to keep the young ones entertained? Fælledparken is the largest green space in the city, and thanks to its vast open meadows and designated play areas, it's the perfect place in which to let your kids roam around for an hour or two.

Equally popular is the beautiful Ørstedparken, which surrounds a large lake in the immediate outskirts of the city centre. Much like Christianshavns Vold, this delightful green space was also once part of the city walls. Today, however, it is particularly popular with children thanks to its two large playgrounds.

Over at Remiseparken, meanwhile, the young ones can get up close to a variety of farm animals including pigs, goats, ponies and rabbits. There's also a large play area, horse rides and a wading pool for those hot summer days.

Nature in the city
As you may have gathered, Copenhagen is a city which is very much in touch with nature. In fact, The University of Copenhagen is home to a magnificent botanical garden which features Denmark's largest collection of living plants. You can easily spend an entire day marvelling at the landscaped lawns and perfectly maintained flower beds, so be sure to set aside a few hours for this inner-city paradise.

Alternatively, head just north of Copenhagen to The Deer Park, where you'll find yourself surrounded by 1,000 hectares of woodland perfect for long walks, picnics or a novelty ride on a horse carriage.

How to find Copenhagen Parks and Green Spaces