Milan Parks and Gardens

As one of the world's leading fashion capitals and a major centre for finance and industry, Milan has gained a reputation as a forward-looking city with a keen sense of style. Whereas other Italian cities are chiefly known for their ancient treasures, visitors to Milan are just as likely to come in search of the latest design trends, lively nightlife and world-class shopping as they are its splendid historical art and architecture.

Milan's buzzing cosmopolitan vibe is also tempered by a huge array of parks and green spaces, which provide a welcome escape from fast-paced urban life for locals and visitors alike. All are easy to reach from our centrally-located Radisson Blu Hotel, Milan.

The best Milan parks for tourists
Many of Milan's green spaces offer an enchanting mix of natural beauty and historical interest, making them ideal for visitors eager to experience another side of this fascinating city. For instance, Parco Forlanini has a number of historic buildings tucked away amongst its greenery, including the 17th-century farmhouse Cascina Cavirano, and Cascina Sant'Ambrogio, where you can still see the remains of a 14th-century church.

Located on the site of a former market in a quaint corner of Milan, Parco Vittorio Formentano includes a monument to Italian sailors lost in World War II, plus the elegant Palazzina Liberty and a huge variety of tree species, including maple, alder, magnolia, and elm.

Meanwhile, Parco Papa Giovanni Paolo II (formerly Parco delle Basiliche) stretches between the Romanesque Basilica of Sant'Eustogorio and the Byzantine Basilica of San Lorenzo, providing a fabulous mix of sacred architecture and artful landscape.

Green spaces for kids and families
Parco Sempione offers everything you need for a fantastic family day out in Milan. Climb Torre Branca for dazzling views of the city; visit the fish in the aquarium; pause for photos at the Arco della Pace; or check out the art expo at the Triennale di Milano. There are plenty of sporting facilities and playgrounds, plus electric go-karts, merry-go-rounds, a roller skating rink and even free WiFi.

As the largest green space in Milan, Parco Lambro is a great place to appreciate the lush natural beauty of Lombardy, including massive, ancient tree species, such as metasequoia, gingko biloba and oak. Its wide, quiet avenues are perfect for a family bike ride along the rivers, passing historic farmhouses and watermills and stopping for some fun at the play areas, skateboard park or sports fields along the way.

Meanwhile, the Giardini Di Villa Reale is a peaceful escape reserved for children – so all visitors must be accompanying a child under 12. With its rushing streams and waterfall, shaded by cherry trees, sycamores and cedars, this is an enjoyable place for adults, too – spend some time admiring the rare plant species and sculptures while your children play.

Nature and relaxation
For nature lovers looking for a green getaway within the city, the elegant Giardini Della Guastalla is the perfect retreat. Originally laid out in the 16th century, this Italianate garden is a picture-perfect blend of tulip trees and wild linden, interesting sculptures and architectural gems – including a petite neoclassical temple by Luigi Cagnola – all centred on a pretty pond surrounded by stone walls.

Meanwhile, Parco Nord Milano offers a rich natural habitat just a short walk from the city. Stroll amongst scenic ponds and fountains, surrounded by lime trees and horse chestnuts, and try to spot the park's resident hares, foxes and hedgehogs as you savour the peace and quiet.

Another surprising wilderness retreat within the city boundaries, Parco Monte Stella spreads over an artificial hill built from rubble from the Second World War. This peaceful wooded area is a lovely space to relax in the shade and breathe some fresh air, with two pathways leading to the top of the hill, where you'll find excellent views of the city.

For more information on Milan's parks and green spaces, visit the Commune di Milano website.