Pink Room

Radisson Blu Turns Pink in October!

This October, the Radisson Blu Hotels turn 'pink' and join in the cause against breast cancer. Throughout the month, participating Radisson Blu Hotels will be hosting a special 'Pink Breakfast' to raise awareness on breast cancer prevention and make all guests aware of the cause.

Developed in collaboration with a renowned French nutritionist, Dr. Patrick Serog, the 'Pink Breakfast' is a charitable and educational initiative which highlights 2 natural substances and 6 "anti-cancer" key foods selected by Dr. Patrick Serog and incorporated into original recipes created by the chefs of Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts. All our recipes are available for download below. Print them out to prepare these delicious breakfast options at home!

With this project, our aim is to empower each guest in their action. They will have the opportunity to freely donate EUR 1 per stay to Europa Donna. Europa Donna is the European Breast Cancer Coalition which works to raise awareness of breast cancer and mobilize the support of European women. It pushes for improving breast cancer education, appropriate screenings, optimal treatment and increased funding for research.