Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Jeddah

Join the fun at Fakieh Aquarium

If you are looking for a great outing opportunity when in Jeddah, then you can’t go wrong at the Fakieh Aquarium. Here you can spend a day with family and friends while seeing cute and amazing sea creatures. Once inside dine at one of their excellent restaurants, attend an event and watch a dolphin show or take a tour of the aquarium. There is plenty to see and do here so take a day to explore.

One of Jeddah’s top attractions

Come and see the only public aquarium in Jeddah and meet creatures of the Red Sea and beyond. There are over 200 different species housed here including sharks, sea horses and stingrays. You may also be able to catch the new Dragon of the Sea, a unique fish with weed-like fins extending from its body. Stroll around the tanks and see animals you have never seen before and learn about the Red Sea as you go. This sea holds a diverse ecosystem with over 1,200 species of fish, 44 species of sharks and many offshore reefs making it perfect for diving. But, for those who would rather not get their feet wet, the aquarium is the place to see all these wonders.

When lunchtime is drawing near, you won’t need to go far for a great feed. The aquarium has four restaurants offering different flavors. Grab some Chinese at Hainan Restaurant or try delicious Lebanese at Al Dayah. You can also get great fresh seafood at Blue Ocean, inspired by Miami Beach.

Catch a dolphin show

One of the main highlights of visiting the aquarium is attending a dolphin and sea lion show. Watch as these magnificent sea creatures flip, clap and swim with their trainers. The shows are four times daily, every day of the week, so there is sure to be one on when you visit.

A day at the aquarium is a short drive from the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Jeddah. After spending time with the sea life of the Red Sea, head back to the hotel and take a dip yourself at their stylish indoor swimming pool.