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Explore Jeddah’s Old City

When traveling to such an ancient country, it is always worth it to learn a little about the past and check out the historical district. If you love old architecture you will be amazed by the buildings and streets here. You can visit the birth of humanity at what is said to be the burial place of Eve, be a guest at an ancient merchant house and squeeze in a spot of shopping at a souk.

The beginning of time at the Tomb of Eve

Jeddah is said to hold the resting place for our biblical mother. As the story tells, once Adam and Eve were banish from Eden, Adam was sent to Mecca and Eve to Jeddah. When pronounced a certain way ‘Jeddah’ can be translated into ‘Grandmother’ and Eve is said to be the Grandmother to all. The graves here are unmarked, however there is a single sign stating ‘Our Mother Eve’. When exploring the old town, you should stop by and see it for yourself.

See Naseef’s House

In the heart of the old town, lies an incredible monument to authentic Hijaz tradition, Biet Naseef, or Nasseef House as it is also known. It now holds the national museum and is dedicated to teaching the history of the city. This was once the residence of the wealthy Naseef family and is the only building of its time that was preserved. The grounds even boast the first, and at one time, only tree in the whole city. In the mornings and late afternoons, you are permitted inside to see the wonderful artwork and if able, head to the rooftop to hear the nearby mosques calling out for prayer time.

Visit Balad, the ancient souk

When you step outside of Naseef House you will find yourself in one of the oldest parts of the city, Al Balad. The streets are lined with culturally intriguing buildings, some of which are preserved and restored. Head through the alleyways and find souks of all kinds. Pick up some gold, scarves, spices and more while exploring the past.

There are many other shopping opportunities in Jeddah if you don’t find what you are after in the souks. Once you have walked around this historical area and seen some Saudi Arabian heritage, head back to modern comforts at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Jeddah.