Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Helsinki

Finnish National Theater

When in Helsinki, be sure to check out the beautiful Finnish National Theater, or Kansallisteatteri in Finnish. If you are arriving by rail you will know the building immediately as the stately, red-topped structure at the north side of the railway square. The theater has been in the square since 1902, though the Finnish National Theatre troupe traces back to 1872, when they performed on different stages before finding their home at railway square. Come and grab some photos in front of this wonderful structure, head inside to catch a show and check out the ornate interior.

Draw back the curtain

The national theater should be the first stop in Helsinki for fans of stage plays in the capital. As the oldest Finnish-language theater in all of Finland, it has been hosting performances for almost 150 years. The theater includes both national and international works in its repertoire and has done so since its inception. The founders saw classics from the Greeks and Romans as essential to the program of any full-fledged theater, so these types of plays still take to the stage today. In recent years, the venue has also sought to foster the advancement of the art, regularly bringing in daring pieces from around the world to be performed for audiences in Helsinki.

Enjoy Finnish theatre while in Helsinki

Finnish theatre is certainly something guests should experience while in Helsinki, and there is no easier way than by staying at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Helsinki. This hotel in the city center is just one street east of the venue, meaning culture is literally waiting around the corner to greet you. If you are interested in arts and culture, be sure to check out the Kansallisooppera (opera) and the Ateneum Art Museum too.