Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Oslo

Korketrekkeren Toboggan Run

Norway is famous for its love of winter sports, and the country boasts a wealth of exceptional locations where tourists can enjoy traditional activities like skiing, both cross country and downhill. However, for a taste of one of winter’s most exciting sports visitors needn’t even leave the capital.

Korketrekkeren is Norway’s favorite toboggan run; a place which reflects some of the country’s celebrated sporting history and also its love of speed. Fans of winter sports enjoying a stay at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Oslo will find that the attraction is within easy reach.

Enjoying Oslo’s sporting legacy

This toboggan run follows the course of the bobsleigh route which was built when Oslo held the Winter Olympics in 1952. The name means ‘corkscrew’ in English, which gives an idea of what the run holds in store for those wishing to enjoy this thrilling attraction.

As this is a public run, it is free to use and sleds are available to hire at the bottom of the Frognesteren Hill. The two kilometer ride down twists and turns, and the course takes around ten pulse-racing minutes, each packed full of excitement.

Making the most out of Oslo

Oslo’s first-rate public transport system makes enjoying Korketrekkeren a convenient process. The toboggan run connects two metro stations so when sliders reach the bottom they can get on the metro and ride back to the top for another go. It is also located close to the Holmenkollen ski jump and museum, allowing visitors to take advantage of both exciting locations.

The best way to complete the thrills of a day full of sled riding and fresh air is to relax in some of the finest accommodation in Oslo. The hotel, with its elegant rooms, stylish restaurants and amazing views is the perfect way to unwind after a fast paced day on the slopes.