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Our hotel in Zavidovo, Russia offers varied outdoor activities and sightseeing options

Thanks to favorable geographical and excellent environment, Tver region is a popular tourist center of the European part of Russia. Tver region is one of the most visited in Russia for the quantity and importance of historical and cultural monuments.

Tver Oblast is a region of lakes and rivers. Visit a river source for the greatest river, Volga (Ostashkov area), or the well-known Brosno and Seliger lakes. The Valdai Hills of the Tver region area is the source of the Dnieper, Volga and Western Dvina rivers

Tver region is the heart of Russia, the ancient Russian land. Great Tver existed as an independent state until the end of the 15th century and was one of the centers for creating the Russian national state. Nowadays there are many monuments of history, architecture, archaeology and culture in this area.

Water Tourism

The main centers of tourism are the lake Seliger and the net of lakes in the upper Volga, the Volga river-head, the cities Tver, Torzhok, Staritsa, Vyshny Volochek, Rzhev and Toropets, Ivankovskoye water reservoir called “Moscow Sea”. This land has been especially attractive to the creative intelligentsia of Russia. Outstanding artists lived and worked there.

Tver Oblast is known for its water tourism. There are over 50 rivers in the region which may be interesting for water tourists. There are separate parts suitable for rafting. Especially popular is kayak-padding.

Music, History and Culture

Theater life in the region is very active. Traditional Bach Festival and the “Musical Fall in Tver” are visited by music lovers from the Russian capital and guests from all over the world. The “Music Summer at Seliger” festival takes place every year in the most picturesque area of Tver province.

14 cities of the region have the status of “historical inhabited place” or simply historical city: Tver, Toropets, Staritsa, Torzhok, Kashin, Vyshny Volochek, Bezhetsk, Ostashkov, Vesyegonsk, Bely, Zubtsov, Kalyazin, Krasny Kholm, Rzhev. 9,439 monuments of history and culture are found and protected. Tverskaya Oblast is especially rich in monuments of the 18th - 20th centuries. The region is not only an important historical and cultural center but also a spiritual hub of Russia due to its churches and monasteries. Among them there are such monasteries as Nilova Pustyn in Ostashkovsky district and St. Assumption Staritsky monastery.

A part of historical route “The way from Varangs to Greeks” crosses the western part of the region. This route was the ancient way from Scandinavia to Konstantinopol (Istanbul) through Veliky Novgorod, Tverskaya and Smolenskaya lands, Byelorussia and Ukraine.

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