Radisson Blu Tala Bay Resort, Aqaba

Tala Bay

Nestled on the northern tip of the Gulf of Arabia, Tala Bay is a holiday haven on the Red Sea. Easily reached from both the airport in Aqaba and the Marina, Tala Bay's convenient location, warm climate and luxurious amenities make it a favourite destination with travellers from around the world.

Tala Bay serves as a port, holiday community and resort town all in one and its secluded spot on the edge of the glistening Red Sea truly makes it possible for travellers to get away from it all. From water sports to decadent restaurants, visitors can enjoy relaxing in a destination that's truly unforgettable.

Services and facilities at Tala Bay
Visit Tala Bay and discover all this unique seaside resort town has to offer. It's one of the best loved destinations in Jordan and it's not difficult to see why; Tala Bay boasts world-class hotels, luxury homes and holiday villas, plus a vibrant community complete with attractions to tempt even the most seasoned jetsetter.

Accessible by the desert highway and within close range of other local attractions like Aqaba fort, Tala Bay strikes a delicate balance - travellers can find everything for a relaxed holiday close by, or venture into Jordan and explore its unique landscape. Tala Bay Aqaba is home to a beach club and the sunny climate makes it possible to enjoy year round water sports. There are shops and restaurants both in the town and at each individual resort, making it easy for visitors to enjoy the best of Tala Bay without ever travelling far.

Stay at Tala Bay
Find a seaside retreat at the Radisson Blu Tala Bay Resort Aqaba and soak up the sunshine on the Red Sea.

Modern amenities and superior hotel services as well as facilities like a spa and health club let visitors enjoy the vacation that's right for them. Beautiful pool and beach areas allow holidaymakers to revel in the hot temperatures, glistening blue waters and glorious hot sunshine without ever leaving the resort.