Radisson Blu Resort, Bukovel facade in winter

Radisson Blu Resort, Bukovel


The Bukovel hotel for year-round adventure

The hotel's enviable location in the center of Bukovel, Ukraine, is ideal for experiencing the variety of outdoor activities that are available in the Carpathian Mountains. Just steps from the ski slopes, the Radisson Blu Resort in Bukovel is located at the bottom of ski slope #7. With 60 kilometers of ski pistes to choose from, you will be sure to get hours of enjoyment out of the slopes right outside your accommodation. The tall peaks of the Carpathian Mountains protect the ski slopes from severe winds, creating an ideal climate for skiing. 

Year-round activities

Even when the weather in Bukovel gets a bit warmer during the summer months, the region still offers a plethora of activities to enjoy. The hotel is within easy reach of hiking trails and outdoor water activities. New hiking trails have recently been added to the area that meander through the mountain’s lush forests. Our staff can also help arrange a cycling tour in Yaremche or Vorokhta and climbing excursions at Dovbush Rocks.

The resort is not far from the nearby cultural hub of Lviv, which is known for its exquisite European architecture. The charming cobblestone streets lead you to a variety of museums, historical sites, design restaurants and coffee houses that are a departure from the scenic landscape found around our Radisson Blu hotel. 

Nearby transport

Arrive at the hotel via bus, train or car from Yaremche and Ivano-Frankivsk. Transport to and from the hotel is available upon request.
  • Yaremche train station/bus stop - 35 km
  • Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport (IFO) /train station/bus stop - 100 km
  • Lviv International Airport (LWO) /train station/bus stop - 230 km