Radisson Blu Resort, Bukovel facade in winter

Radisson Blu Resort, Bukovel

Visit the city of Chernivtsi

The city of Chernivtsi contains many of Ukraine's most impressive sights and is considered to be one of the country's hubs for education and culture. With a large pedestrianized zone, it is easy to explore the majority of Chernivtsi's historic attractions, which are located in the old town, by foot. The city has even been nicknamed "Little Vienna" for its combination of Baroque, Neoclassical, and Hungarian architecture.

Cultural highlights

The Chernivtsi University, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city’s most beautiful building, should be the first stop for anyone visiting this area. Designed by the Czech architect Josef Hlavka, the buildings at the university were originally the home of the Archbishops of Bukovnia and Dalmatia. The building’s colorful tiled roofs mimic the traditional folk art and embroidery of Ukraine. The university’s grounds and the Botanical Gardens are well worth exploring.

Museums and galleries

Chernivtsi is also known for its museums and galleries, including the Museum of Local Lore, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Folk Architecture and Way of Life. Renowned throughout Ukraine, the Chernivtsi Puppet Theatre, is a fun and exciting place to catch a performance particularly amongst children.

Chernivtsi is located 160 kilometers from Bukovel but if you have time during your visit to Ukraine, it is worth hiring a car and exploring the city. After a cultural day out, return to the clear air of the Carpathian Mountains and unwind at the Radisson Blu Resort in Bukovel.