Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Cesme


Take advantage of the unbeatable climate and crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea with windsurfing and other watersports when on your next vacation in Cesme. The warm weather and consistent sea breeze offers the perfect windsurfing conditions, meaning this is also a great place for beginners to practise. Come and enjoy the beach, hoist your sails and glide along the water under the beaming Turkish sun.

The perfect spot for sails

As Cesme's coastline is full of ins and outs facing every direction, there are many different places to windsurf depending on the conditions. The bay at Alacati is absolutely perfect for windsurfing due to its location and shallow waters, hence why it has been called A Surf Paradise. The waters are clear, there is sand underneath with few rocks and the wind is brisk and steady, making it easy to get going. This is the place where first timers will be able to master the skill and pros can relax and enjoy. There are some other great protected bays closer to Cesme center that are more challenging for the pros like, but Alacati Bay always brings them back due to its perfection.

Learn to windsurf from professionals

There are a number of professional outfits in the area offering rentals and windsurfing lessons, so whether an amateur or a pro, it's easy to get out on the water and enjoy. Alacati Surf Paradise Club, ASPC, and Bubi Surf School are two of the best windsurfing schools in the area that are known for their excellent teaching methods, making beginners feel comfortable and safe. They offer lessons in five languages and have excellent instructors, so if you are looking to tackle the water with a sail, then book some lessons with them. Two other excellent companies are Advance Kiting Surf School and Cagla Kubat Windsurf School.

If you would like to find the right one for you, then just ask the receptionists at the hotel to help you choose.