Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre, Sochi

Responsible Business

Radisson Hotel Group aims to be a trusted industry leader for Responsible Business in our interactions with all of our stakeholders, including owners, developers, partners, guests, employees and the local communities in which we operate. Radisson Hotel Group’s Responsible Business (RB) Program is built on principles of sustainable development and the triple bottom-line. All participating hotels strive to take economic, social, ethical and environmental issues into consideration when making decisions in their everyday work.


  • Working together with property owners to find innovative solutions that satisfy economic, environmental and social objectives
  • Providing suppliers and investors with timely, accurate and transparent information on RB-related risks and opportunities
  • Striving to purchase products that reduce impact on the environment
  • Requiring managers to abide by local and international legislation, especially regarding labor laws, health and safety, human rights and the environment
  • Taking an active role in the international RB community and contributing to local communities
  • Improving performance in the areas of energy, water, chemicals, resource consumption and waste generation to reduce negative impact on the environment


  • Special attention to social activities given during September each year within the framework of the “Responsible Business” program (RBAM)
  • Participation of employees in charity events at the local level; e.g. collecting clothes and shoes for poor families in Adler (2014–2016)
  • Annual participation in World Cleanup Day — collecting garbage in parks and other green spaces
  • Visits to the local boarding school for orphans and children with disabilities (2012–2016) to donate essentials and spend time with the children
  • Participation in the Day of Earth from 2013
  • Help at animal shelters
  • Help and support the elder people and veterans in Adler
  • Nursing rehabilitation center in Adler (2013–2016) — organization of activities and events for children on a regular basis; our RB team became part of the life of this center.

Green Key eco-label

Having received the Green Key eco-label our hotel continues to play an active role in protecting the planet's environment.

The hotel and its staff have implemented and continue to practice an effective environmental policy that includes guidelines for staff training as well as for the conservation of water and energy and the disposal of wastes and chemical products. Applied through employee empowerment, the policy also seeks to build supplier and customer awareness about environmental preservation. In addition to closely monitoring energy consumption, the hotel has installed waste-sorting and water-saving equipment. Staff also use environmentally friendly cleaning products. The hotel is committed to respecting nature and to contributing to environmental education.

When guests choose a hotel awarded the Green Key eco-label, they are guaranteed a stay in a respected and preserved environment where they, too, are encouraged to participate in the green practices.