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Excursions in Dubrovnik

See the other side of Croatia with a journey inland or up the coast starting right from your hotel, the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa at Dubrovnik Sun Gardens.

Excursions to nearby islands available for booking at the hotel
There is a lot to discover and enjoy even if you do not stray too far from your hotel pool, so ask at the reception about your daily trip options and prepare to be amazed by the beauty of Croatian nature.

This natural reserve with rich botanical gardens and a former Benedictine monastery is just a short boat ride away from the Old Town. There you can enjoy secluded rocky beaches partially covered with the shade of ancient pine trees as well as biking, hiking and pristine nature, yours to enjoy and cherish.

Out of the 13 islands that make the Elaphiti archipelago, only 3 are inhabited. During this cruise in a historically accurate replica of an old Dubrovnik trading ship, you will discover hidden sandy bays with lush green forests, finding peace within yourself as well as around you.

Largest of the Elaphiti, Šipan is a peaceful island where you can really enjoy the silence and soak in the sun. It is filled with summer residences of old Dubrovnik nobles as well as numerous churches, monasteries, and Gothic and Renaissance summer residences.

The most interesting among the Elaphiti is the island of Lopud, with its unique sunny cove and the famous beach Šunj, whose reddish sand and shimmering blue sea have inspired travelers for centuries.

Most of the island of Mljet is covered by a thick pine forest and is a National Nature Park with 2 salt-water lakes – Malo and Veliko Jezero (Small and Big Lake) – as the main attraction.

Ston & Pelješac
This exclusive excursion gives you a real taste of the region, starting with local oysters in Mali Ston, and then tasting some of the wines of the region grown at the peninsula of Pelješac, renowned for their Plavac Mali, a local take on Zinfandel.

Island of Korčula
Discover the hometown of Marco Polo, the world-famous trader and explorer, who traveled the world 3 times over. The town of Korčula on the island of Korčula is where the Polo family has been living from the 13th century to today. One of the most charming Dalmatian islands, Korčula is where you can see the traditional sword dance Moreška.

Sunset Riviera Cruise
This excursion will give you the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant panoramic boat ride in the surrounding area of Dubrovnik, between the Elaphiti islands.

A scenic journey through cane fields, wet meadows, sand beaches, karsts and caves is found in Neretva Valley, as well as one of the most important Christian sanctuaries in this part of the world – Međugorje, where a group of kids supposedly saw and spoke to the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary. The best time to visit is in August, during the celebration of the Assumption of Our Lady.

Explore the beautiful untouched nature of the Neretva Valley from a car, until you arrive in the ancient town of Mostar, in the neighboring country Bosnia and Herzegovina. This wondrous old town is divided into the Muslim quarter with a strong Turkish influence, where countless winding backstreets and mosques dominate the townscape, and the modern, Western, Croatian quarter. Magnificent remains from Austro-Hungarian times, such as the Gymnasium and City Baths, add to the grandeur of this beautiful city.

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