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Festivals in Dubrovnik

Every year Dubrovnik commemorates its centuries of history and culture with many festivals that take place throughout the year, with some of the biggest held in summer.

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Experience Croatian culture at Dubrovnik festivals
As a place of culture from the old days, Dubrovnik has a lot to offer to tourists seeking theatrical, musical or any other kind of cultural entertainment because of its numerous festivals throughout the year.

The most renowned festival in Dubrovnik has to be the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Running for over 60 years, with a current schedule of about 6 weeks long, it is a stunning line-up of concerts, stage plays and dance performances that take place all over the Old Town, with traditionally magnificent Shakespeare performances happening in the old towers and on the Old Town walls.

Le Petit Festival Du Theatre usually happens in June and combines theater and other kinds of contemporary art all over the city of Dubrovnik for an international crowd and in the presence of and with the participation of artists, writers and designers.

Then there is Dubrovnik Shakespeare Festival, based on Shakespeare plays and staged at beautiful historical locations all over the Old Town, creating a unique atmosphere and allowing you to enjoy the Bard's words the way you always imagined them.

Earlier in the year, the city celebrates its patron saint, St Blaise, and the beginning of Lent with separate festivals in February. In March follows Dubrovnik Oyster Festival in Ston.

Fall festivals in Dubrovnik include the International Festival of Jams and Marmalade, plus Dubrovnik Gastro Table, a culinary event that takes place across the city's restaurants and hotels. There is a traditional Christmas fair as well.

Attend festivals from the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa at Dubrovnik Sun Gardens
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