Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Dubrovnik Sun Gardens

Nearby Attractions

Dubrovnik city center and its Old Town are just 11 kilometers from the resort. The remarkably well-preserved medieval architecture of old town is a must-see attraction that has been enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the gothic, renaissance and baroque palaces and churches surrounded by a fascinating wall that can be explored by foot.

If you prefer to relax at one of the many beautiful beaches, visit the Copacabana beach in the city center or take the ferry over to the scenic Elaphite Islands for a tranquil, non-urbanized beach scene where not even cars are allowed.

The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Dubrovnik Sun Gardens places guests on the pristine shores of the Adriatic Sea, just 3 kilometers from the 500-year-old paths of the gothic-renaissance park Trsteno Arboretum. Besides ancient tree specimens, you will find a 15th-century summer villa and a Baroque fountain fed from a 70-meter aqueduct. This is also one of the main film locations when shooting the popular HBO Game of Thrones TV-series.

Attractions within 30 minutes of the resort

All of the following attractions are located only a 25-30-minute car ride from Radisson Blu. We are happy to assist you with shuttle and taxi services upon request.
  • Copacabana Beach Dubrovnik – 18.5 km. Enjoy lazy days on this pebble beach, with a wide variety of things to do, ranging from sunbathing to renting jet ski-skis.
  • Dominican Monastery – 17 km. One of the most important architectural points in the city, featuring exhibitions of paintings, artifacts, jewelry and more.
  • Church of St James – 18.5 km. Originally a Romanesque church and abbey that is now in the transitional gothic renaissance style.
  • Ancient City Walls – 16.5 km. 1,940 meters of defensive walls and forts surround the city, shaping what is Dubrovnik’s main attraction. 
  • Franciscan Monastery – 16.5 km. This large monastery complex is situated at the beginning of Placa, right next to the Holy Savior Church. 
  • Skar Winery – 18 km. A unique family-run winery and souvenir shop located in the city’s harbor. Join a tasting or guided tour to learn more about the homemade Lekri wines.
  • Archeological Museum – 16,5 km. Learn more about the city and region’s rich history through eight collections of historical artifacts.
  • Buza Gate – 17 km. One of four gates in the historical walls surrounding Dubrovnik, built in 1908 to allow Austrian officers easy access to tennis courts in the city wall trench.
  • Photo Gallery Carmel – 17 km. Enjoy varied photographic art exhibitions from local as well as international photographers in this picturesque gallery space.
  • Prijeko Street – 17 km. If you are looking for a wide selection of shops and restaurants in one location, then this is the street for you. 
  • Pustjerna – 16 km. The oldest part of the city, home to a wide range of churches. This area is a truly remarkable sight, which also serves as a walk through history.