The old harbour of El Quseir

Historically, El Quseir was one of the most important ports on the Egyptian east coast, situated in an area of strategic importance. Today, the old harbour of El Quseir serves as a peaceful historical attraction and a gateway to the clear waters and coral reefs of the Red Sea.

Just three kilometres from the historic El Quseir harbour, the Radisson Blu hotel in El Quseir is the perfect Red Sea resort for visitors looking to make the most of the area's sandy beaches and world class diving spots, as well as those hoping to simply relax in the year-round warmth of the Egyptian coast.

Diving in El Quseir harbour
Known as a world-renowned diving destination, visitors to El Quseir can choose from a number of prime scuba and swimming spots, including the old El Quseir harbour. Clear waters and stunning protected coral reefs make this area a paradise for everyone, from amateur snorkelers to deep sea diving enthusiasts.

Both on and off the coast of El Quseir, the area's diving sites offer a plethora of underwater experiences. Uninterrupted reefs teaming with marine life adorn the town's beaches, whilst off the coast, wrecks, caves and reefs are home to coral forests, fringing reefs, and clouds of brightly coloured fish.

Explore the Red Sea from the Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir
Guests at the Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir, can enjoy everything this renowned diving destination has to offer, as well as the resort's own SUBEX Diving Centre. Located just metres from a stunning house reef, our dedicated dive centre offers enchanting snorkelling and diving packages to guests of all abilities, whilst the short stroll to the nearly El Quseir mosque, fortress or old harbour is the perfect way to heat up in between dips.