The Egypt Desert

From the El Quseir outpost on the Red Sea, guests will also be able to explore Egypt's vast interior - comprised of desert and small oases.

Take a day out in the Egypt desert from your hotel in El Quseir to marvel at the boundless sands of the interior, where you can even sample a taste of traditional Bedouin life. Book a tour of the Egypt desert from the Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir and trade the sea and the beach for a day of adventure in the nearby desert.

Take a tour of Egypt's desert
Egypt's Eastern Desert - a portion of the Sahara Desert located east of the Nile River - lies closest to El Quseir. From El Quseir, guests of the area's resorts can book guided tours of the desert in order to experience a taste of a more rugged lifestyle. Some tours of the Egypt desert even include visiting traditional Bedouin settlements, giving a glimpse of a simpler lifestyle.

Tours of the Egypt desert should be taken by the adventurous sort because they can involve plenty of hiking and trekking across barren plains and hills. The temperature in the Egypt desert can also climb above 40°C, matched with high winds for a challenging adventure. However, cool nights and the chance of dinner under the stars make the Egypt desert an unforgettable experience while on holiday in El Quseir.

Book a hotel in El Quseir for desert tours
Desert tours of Egypt depart regularly from El Quseir, meaning guests will be well placed in this El Quseir accommodation. From the Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir, guests can explore the desert and retire at night to exquisite rooms in 3 decorative styles. In addition, you can rejuvenate the following day in our El Quseir spa, or just relax along the seaside at our Red Sea hotel.