El Quseir Mosques

As one of the oldest cities on the Egyptian coast, El Quseir is home to many old buildings of historical interest, including a number of mosques such as Al Farran, Al Qenawi and Al Senousi, dating back 300 years. These religious sites offer a fascinating glimpse into Egyptian culture and are a must-see sight for any architecture aficionado.

Located just a few kilometers from the mosques of El Quseir Old Town, the Radisson Blu Resort El Quseir offers guests upscale comfort and convenience just a stone's throw from the sandy beaches of the Red Sea coast.

Historical architecture in El Quseir
As well as its buildings of historical and religious importance, El Quseir is home to a number of architecturally significant buildings, including streets structured in classic French and British styles with wooden balconies and large terraces. Officials of the city of El Quseir have worked to ensure that these classic buildings remain intact, keeping the heritage of this town alive with many ancient attractions and sites around the old El Quseir city centre being restored and preserved.

With its mix of ancient buildings, fascinating architecture, modern amenities and beach culture, El Quseir is a destination offering a unique mix of local life, fascinating history, relaxation and adventure.

See Egyptian architecture from the Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir
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