Wadi Hammamat

Wadi Hammamat lies in Egypt's Eastern Desert and is an important historical site in this ancient emerald mining region. With rock carvings and graffiti dating back three thousand years, today the valley is a major attraction for scientists and tourists alike.

Located less than an hour from the Wadi Hammamat, the Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir is the perfect accommodation from which to explore the area's historical attractions such as the emerald mines of El Quseir and the region's unique architecture.

Explore the fascinating Wadi Hammamat
In ancient Egypt, Wadi Hammamat was home to a number of major quarries and served as the trade route to the Silk Road, leading to Asia, Arabia and Africa. The carvings and graffiti of the region date from before the earliest Egyptian dynasties to the era of the Roman and Byzantine Empires, offering an intriguing insight into the rich history of this region.

Visitors traveling to Wadi Hammamat can easily access the ancient carvings as well as see Roman watchtowers and drawings of Egyptian reed boats dating from 4000 BC. Travelers from El Quseir can pass through the area on the way to nearby Luxor or Thebes, or take one of many tours offering day trips from the town.

Stay in the Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir, when visiting Wadi Hammamat
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