Radisson Blu Resort, Fujairah

Things to do in Fujairah

The Radisson Blu Resort, Fujairah offers exceptional levels of service and a great, beach-side location. Visitors who want to make the most out of a stay at this first class Fujairah accommodation could look at spending some time away from the resort and enjoying the many things to do in Fujairah.

Whether enjoying the wild beauty of Fujairah or sampling the local culture of the area, visitors to this interesting part of the UAE will find plenty of things to do during a stay in Fujairah.

From safari’s to souks
The Fujairah region has some of the most dramatic landscapes in the Middle East and many companies offer desert and mountain safaris around the region. Spending a day travelling amid tranquil sand dunes and jagged mountain peaks is a great way to get an intimate experience of the spectacular natural beauty of Fujairah.

For those who would like to experience the culture of the area, tours of local towns and villages allow a look at the history of Fujairah, and the vibrancy of contemporary life in this area. Going to lively markets and visiting local museums are two of the more popular Fujairah activities available to visitors.

Make the most of the activities in Fujairah
With pristine beaches overlooking the inviting waters of the Indian Ocean, guests at the Radisson Blu Resort may be tempted to spend their entire stay relaxing in the Arabian sun. For visitors who want to spend some time beyond this relaxing resort in Fujairah there are no shortage of things to do.

With a rich cultural history, and breath taking scenery, Fujairah offers something to all visitors. The activities on offer in this exciting part of the Arabian Peninsula can give any holiday a great new dimension.